New York City Construction Accident

In recent years, there have been millions of injuries on construction sites throughout the United States. While these can range from a small bruise to a fatality, the numbers are staggering: one in 10 construction workers will be injured on the job this year. That’s more than 400,000 men and women a year, thousands of whom live and work in NYC.

The most common accident is a fall, but burns and cuts are common, as well as injuries to legs, arms, and hands. On average, there are more than 11,000 disabling injuries every single hour of each workday in the US, with many of these occurring on NYC work sites. To protect yourself and your rights, it is vital, then, to have able New York injury attorneys on your accident case.

10 percent of construction workers in NYC get hurt on the job every year. Ironworkers are said to be especially at risk, primarily for burn injuries.

Fortunately, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel: even if you are already receiving workers’ comp benefits, you may still be entitled to more money for your injuries. Often, third parties are partially responsible for accidents caused on a construction site. These third parties could include equipment manufacturers or even coworkers. In any case, the settlement you might receive from such a suit could be exponentially greater than your workers’ comp benefits.


Third Party Cases in Workers’ Compensation Matters

Injured “On the Job” by Other Than a Co-Worker

What happens if an employee gets injured on the job and someone other than that employee’s employer or co-worker is at fault?   This may happen, for example, if an employee is on his or her way to a meeting and gets into an auto accident.   It may happen if a worker is on a construction site and is injured because of the careless act of someone working for another subcontractor.

In such an event the employee actually gets two shots at the apple !  First, he or she is entitled to any and all workers’ compensation benefits that are available.   But even beyond that, the employee may also bring a regular lawsuit against the party that caused and was legally responsible for the accident.   So while the employee will get their workers’ compensation, the employee may successfully obtain a settlement or judgment based on the pain and suffering experienced by the worker as a result of the accident.   Much more often than not, the award resulting from litigation (suing) is greater (and many times much greater) than the compensation received through workers’ compensation.  It is really a “no lose” proposition for the employee.

NOTE, however that in the event workers compensation has given the employee an award and paid medical expenses and the employee then successfully recovers money in a lawsuit, the Workers’ Compensation Board will expect to be paid back much, if not all, of the amount it paid to the worker out of that amount recovered in the lawsuit. The worker will be left with the leftover amount from the lawsuit. However, he will  already have received the workers’ compensation award and have had his medical expenses paid.  So he has those amounts, and now he also has the “extra” amount received as a result of his lawsuit. Again, this presents a “no lose” situation for the worker.

As you might expect, this can be an area that is both difficult at times to understand and to navigate.  It is absolutely imperative that an injured worker contact a knowledgeable attorney as soon as possible to see that his or her best interests are protected.

CAUTION: Even if you think no “third party” is involved and that you are only dealing with fellow workers and an employer.  This may not be the case.   Examples may be maintenance workers that are employed through an outside company, or business trucks that are rented and therefore may make rental companies liable!  Always speak to a qualified workers’ compensation attorney if you are injured “on the job”!

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