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There are times when a client wants to change his or her attorney.  May the client do so?  Absolutely.  A client has the right to change his or her lawyer at any time.

There is more good news for the dissatisfied client.  Once he finds another attorney to replace the attorney he has, the client need not have any contact whatsoever with his former attorney.  The client signs a “Consent to Change Attorney” form and the new lawyer takes care of all the other details.   What’s more, the final fee the client will end up paying, to either or both attorneys, will TOTAL no more than the fee the client was going to pay the original attorney.   It will be up to the former and new lawyers to work out their fee arrangement.

The most common reasons for client dissatisfaction with their lawyer are:

1. Failure of the lawyer to return phone calls.
2. Failure to hear from their attorney in a long period of time.
3. Disagreement as to the value of the client’s case.
Reputable attorneys, receiving a call from a client wishing to change their attorney, will closely question the client to determine if, indeed, their firm would be in a better position to satisfy that client.   Knowingly taking a matter from another attorney when there is little or no chance to realistically rectify the “problem” described by that client would be, arguably, unprofessional.

From an attorney’s point of view there may be other reasons to be reluctant to accept the new matter.  If the matter is already at an advanced stage, when much of the discovery in the case is complete, and the date for trial may not be far off, there could be great hesitancy on the part of the new attorney to accept the case. Experienced attorneys have standards they adhere to, and there may be great reluctance to be tied into the work of a prior attorney whose standards may be different, and there would not be enough time to rectify what may not be acceptable to the new attorney.

One important word of advice to a client thinking of changing attorneys:

make the effort to speak with the old attorney and state explicitly what the problem is.  More often than not, the attorney will make every effort to accommodate the client. For more information contact one of our New York Personal Injury Attorneys at The Orlow Firm.


Orlow, Orlow, and Orlow Fall 2009: UPDATE about our firm

The firm of ORLOW, ORLOW & ORLOW, PC has been practicing NEW YORK PERSONAL INJURY law since 1981.   While currently composed of a father and two sons, the firm is about to expand by merging with the firm of ORLOW & ORLOW, PC, a PERSONAL INJURY law firm since 1966.   ORLOW & ORLOW, PC consisted of the father and daughter team of Alexander and Jodi Orlow.

Congratulations to Jodi Orlow, New York Civil Court Judge

As of January, 2010, Jodi Orlow will ascend to the bench as a judge in the Civil Court in Queens County.    At that time Alexander Orlow will join the firm of ORLOW, ORLOW & ORLOW, PC in an “Of Counsel” capacity, adding his wealth and years of experience to the team of attorneys working on behalf of our firm’s clients.

Orlow, Orlow and Orlow to become the Orlow Law Firm

The firm will become known as THE ORLOW FIRM, and can be contacted at all current telephone numbers.   The staff of the firm will also expand to meet the increased volume of the firm so that the service to  which the clients of  both firms were accustomed to can be maintained.
We look forward to continuing to serve our New York clients with the same energy, respect and devotion as they have come to expect.


Clergy Sexual Abuse in the Orthodox Jewish Community

While sexual abuse claims have been rampant among clergy affiliated with the Catholic Church over the past many years, the clergy of all other religions are not immune from these allegations.

The Borough of Brooklyn in New York City hosts one of the largest concentrations of Jews in the United States. On average some 700 child sexual abuse cases are brought each year by the Brooklyn District Attorney. There were some years when only one or two, or even no such cases were brought involving any of the so-called “ultra orthodox” Jews (including the approximately 180,000 Hasidic Jews) in Brooklyn. To what can we attribute this apparent absence of pedophilia among ultra orthodox Jews that exists in the rest of the population? Was there something inherent, or cultural, or educational, that made this community immune from this aberration?

The reality is that historically, this segment of the population keep strict, unrelenting separation of their lives from the secular world around them. Matters are referred to rabbinical courts, rather than to civil courts, and issues that would otherwise become known are maintained within the community itself. Times, however, are changing, at least in terms of this heinous offense. With publicity all around them showing the secular population trying to deal with the issue of pedophilia abuse cases in New York, there are those in this insulated community that believe the ability of their own community to respond appropriately an adequately, both to the perpetrator and to the needs of the victim, is non-existent. The result: community taboos against going to, and relying upon, civil authorities, are being overcome. Nevertheless, the veneration for the rabbis and the “yeshivas” in the community remain potent and nearly inviolable.

For the attorney dealing in these type of highly sensitive cases, it is mandatory to be sensitive to both the emotional needs of the individual client, and as importantly, to helping the client maintain his or her place, and reputation, in their community. The “Shomer Shabbos” or “frum” community is tight knit. It is guided by concepts, rules and strictures that have enabled it to maintain its identity through the most unimaginably difficult times. It is no easy matter to go outside well established boundaries. The New York City personal injury attorneys representing such individuals must do all that they can to work within the restrictions presented, while gaining the relief to which their client is entitled.


New York City Personal Injury Attorneys | New Office in Manhattan

Orlow, Orlow and Orlow is proud to announce our new Manhattan location for our new law office. As New York City Personal Injury Attorneys, we have been serving New Yorkers who have been harmed through the fault and negligence of others for over thirty years.  Orlow, Orlow, and Orlow has now made our partners directly available to our clients, by appointment only, at our new address in the historic Chrysler Building.

The physical address for the New York Personal Injury Law Firm in Manhattan is

Orlow, Orlow, and Orlow P.C.

405 Lexington Avenue

New York, NY 10174

We will still maintain our Queens, NY Personal Injury Law Office as well as our Brooklyn Law Office. To speak with one of our skilled, experienced and understanding attorneys, please contact us at 718.544.4100 or fill out the law office contact form.


Personal Injury Lawyer/ Attorney in New York State : What exactly does that mean?


In New York State an attorney is not permitted to say that they “SPECIALIZE” in any particular area of law, “Personal Injury Lawyers” included. Nevertheless, very large numbers of attorneys do, indeed, limit their practices exclusively to a particular area of law such as “Personal Injury”. So why the prohibition? The thinking is that, since no tests or common standards exist to establish qualifications to be a “SPECIALIST” that, therefore, the use of the term by attorneys of widely varying qualifications could end up misleading the public.
The result, while shielding the public from succumbing to mislabeling, does place a burden on those seeking legal advice to exert a serious effort in identifying a fully qualified attorney to represent them in their legal matter, whether a “Personal Injury” matter or other.
While using the term “SPECIALIST” is impermissible, it is permitted to, for example, hold yourself out as a “Personal Injury Attorney in New York“. This can lead to misleading a potential client unless that client is fully aware that there are vast differences in the lawyers that present themselves as “Personal Injury Lawyers” to the public.


Word of advice: spend a little time beforehand finding out about attorneys you might want to hire, and you might save yourself much aggravation down the line. The Internet is a source like no other we have ever had. In short order,  it can provide information about the background of an attorney: her years of practice, her education, his community activities, positions she has held, opinions of past clients and a wealth of other information that can inform you whether that person would represent you in a way that you want.


One other point: Some very large Personal Injury Law Firms have one or two “star” lawyers, held out to the public because of their fame. This will most likely NOT be the attorney handling your matter. That firm may be so big and so busy that the “star” may not even be available for ready consultations. Know what you are getting ! The competence of every lawyer in the firm is important to you.


Do’s & Dont’s of Choosing a Lawyer

Your choice of an attorney to represent you in a case will have an effect on you that may be hard to imagine at the time that you make the choice.    After all, locating an attorney can be as quick as finding a name in the telephone book or catching an ad on TV. But beware! You will most probably have to live with that choice for a long time, and the wrong choice can be as painful to you as a bad toothache–except that your choice of a lawyer goes on and on.

Without question, the very best source for choosing an attorney is by way of a friend or relative’s recommendation. Even better is if you used an attorney yourself previously and were very satisfied. Nothing can beat the recommendation of a satisfied and happy former client. The MOST common complaint against lawyers is that they either do not return phone calls, or the client cannot get through to their lawyer. See what the experience of your friend or relative was in this regard.

Often, however, it is not that easy. You may not be able to find someone who either experienced the same problem you are trying to deal with, or may not have been satisfied with the lawyer they used. What then?

First, what NOT to do. Do not even think about hiring an attorney whom you have never met before but shows up at your door unannounced. He may have heard about your accident from some source and decided to “chase” after your case. This is illegal and unethical. Just imagine that if an attorney, sworn to uphold the law, shows such contempt for the law and the standards of his profession, what kind of treatment you can expect ! And even more so, never, ever agree to meet with an attorney recommended by an individual you have never before met but gives you a lawyer’s card in the hospital or at an accident scene. This, too, is blatantly illegal, and attorneys that must resort to this type of solicitation are to be shunned, if  not prosecuted.

Today, however, there are many legitimate sources to find, evaluate and finally choose someone to represent  you in what could be one of the most important decisions you will have to make. Advertising is legitimate. Certainly one of the best sources is the use of the internet which affords you the opportunity to find out much more about an attorney you are thinking of hiring then was ever available in the past. Websites are good  beginnings, and you should never hesitate to ask an attorney questions about himself or his background. A little careful screening in the beginning can avoid a lot of heartache later.

Posted by New York Personal Injury Attorney Steve Orlow


Meet New York Injury Attorney Steve Orlow

Steve Orlow received his law degree from Cornell Law School in 1968. Prior to forming his practice in 1981, Steve was an Assistant District Attorney in Kings County, New York and then Counsel to the county executive of Queens County, New York.

Steven was elected to the City Council in 1980 to the then existing position of “Council Member-At-Large” representing the almost two million people of Queens County in the City Council. During the latter year of his Council membership, Mr. Orlow established his law practice and, soon after establishing the practice, left the City Council to concentrate on his private practice.

Steve is a civil rights and personal injury attorney in New York.

New York Attorney Steve Orlow