Forklift Accidents

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports that there are approximately 97,000 forklift related accidents per year, and 85 of those are fatal.

Out of the 85 deaths, approximately 35 were the driver attempting to jump out of a tipping forklift.

The OSHA laid down the basic requirements that all forklifts and other Powered Industrial Trucks must meet.

These requirements can be found at:

In addition to the safety requirements for the actual vehicles, proper training is required and additional training by the vehicle operator is highly recommended. This training can be found at‑

If anyone was injured in a forklift accident either as a pedestrian or as an operator without adequate training, it is very important that a Personal Injury Attorney experienced with this type of matters be contacted as early as possible.




During the last week of May of this year (2010) alone, there were two serious construction site accidents involving falls from significant heights. One involved a worker at a residential building falling fifty feet while he was working on the building’s steel framework. The other involved a worker at the Throgs Neck Bridge.

The first worker died after falling fifty feet. The bridge worker fell 15 to 20 feet off a ladder and was seriously injured.

With respect to the worker that died, officials indicated that it seemed as if he was not wearing a safety harness ! It is precisely this point to which we direct our attention.

There are several facts that make accidents at construction sites unique in the area of Personal Injury Law in New York:

  • Construction site accidents are among the most frequent accidents that occur;
  • The resulting injuries are among the most serious that occur;
  • Public policy is very inclined to seek protection for injured workers and their families;
  • the law, especially with respect to liability (who is responsible for the accident that occurred) is not at all necessarily what the layman might think it is–the law can be extremely complex.

The fact that the worker that fell and was not wearing a safety harness should not, and does not, eliminate the possibility that the worker or his family will have a THIRD PARTY LAWSUIT available to him. This would be in addition to any workers compensation claim the worker or his family might have.

It is truly esential when dealing with a construction site accident that a personal injury attorney, in addition to a workers compensation attorney, be consulted. As we have noted on previous blog postings, this could mean very substantial differences to the injured worker and his family. Because of the law’s complexity in this area, be very certain the Personal Injury Attorney chosen is well experienced in this important area of law.