In 1960, New York City was the first city to ban lead paint. Since then, New York City has strengthened that law on two occasions. The last time the law was upgraded was in 2004, when the NEW YORK CITY LEAD POISONING PREVENTION ACT (Local Law 1) was passed.

The results of the City’s actions have been notable.

The City’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene reports that in the period from 1995 until 2007 the number of children reported with elevated blood levels dropped astonishingly from 19,000 to just 1900, a decrease of 90%.

Local Law 1 placed significant burdens upon landlords :
1: informing tenants about lead hazards;
2: inspect apartments where children under 6 years old reside;
3: correct and remove any identified lead problems and do so in a recognized and safe manner.

The United States Department of Health and Human Services has set a national goal of eliminating all new cases of lead poisoning by this year, 2010.

The likelihood of New York City reaching this goal seems remote at the present time. David Powell, of the Tenants and Neighbors organization in New York State, stated that a major obstacle in achieving this goal is the lack of adequate enforcement by the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development. Unfortunately, the Department’s budget in 2010 is $20.6 million, while last year it was $25.8 million ! The national economy negatively affects lead poisoning prevention efforts, as it does so much else.

Nevertheless, the admirable reduction so far in lead paint cases among children is due, in the main, to increased awareness on the part of parents to the hazards of lead paint. ANYONE THAT BELIEVES THEIR CHILDREN MAY FACE LEAD POISON HAZARDS SHOULD CONTACT 311 FOR ASSISTANCE. If, unfortunately, your child seems to have been effected by lead paint poisoning, which is indicated through lead testing by your doctor or at a hospital, contact a reputable personal injury attorney, experienced in lead poison cases, as soon as possible.

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