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In an effort to repair an elevator in a five story cooperative in Manhattan, a repairman lost his life on Wednesday, January 13, 2010. While the exact method of the repairman’s death is not yet determined, speculation is divided between a fall in the elevator shaft or electrocution. The repairman was there to deal with tenant complaints of elevator misalignment with the floor, and with “squeaking” sounds.

Having died in the course of his employment, the representatives of the deceased will look to Workers Compensation for their remedy.

Without explaining the intricacies of the New York Labor Law, whether the repairman’s estate will have a viable THIRD PARTY lawsuit against the owner of the building, in addition to the Workers compensation claim, may well rest on a judicial determination as to whether a “repair”, as opposed to “maintenance,” was involved in the work being performed by the repairman at the time of his death !! The availability of a THIRD PARTY action could make a significant difference in the eventual amount recovered.

The laws surrounding injuries sustained by workers in the construction trades and allied fields are very protective but also very complicated at times.

The difference to the injured party and that party’s dear ones can be very substantial since, as an almost inviolable rule, THIRD PARTY actions result in recoveries significantly greater than awards under Workers Compensation.

An attorney with considerable experience in handling THIRD PARTY LABOR LAW cases is essential to safeguard the vital financial interests of those grievously affected by a worker’s accident. If you or your family member have been injured contact Orlow, Orlow, & Orlow today.


New York Elevator Accident

In most big cities, elevators are essential to navigating the large buildings in which people work and live. In New York, elevators are subject to inspection (as they are throughout the United States). Every one of the 59,000 elevators in New York City, including several thousand in Brooklyn, has to be checked out by state-certified inspectors.

Elevators are an eternal symbol of New York City. In 1857, the first passenger elevator was installed in the Haughwout Building on Broadway between 48th and 49th Street. Today, in this area filled with block after block of skyscrapers and high-rise buildings, any building over four floors is required by law to have an elevator system. In total, there are more than 59,000 elevators in the city of New York.

In the state of New York, this procedure must be performed every five years. During this process, elevators must pass strict guidelines for operation and safety. Each elevator must display a certificate of inspection to prove that it is safe to use and in good working condition. When these procedures are not adhered to properly, an elevator user must be wary of dangerous conditions that could lead to a life-threatening accident.

The chance of being in an elevator accident is very rare and when it does occur the injuries can be sever and the cause can often be negligence. If you or a loved one has been in an accident contact a personal injury attorney immediately, even if the company offers you a large dollar amount it probably is way less that you will need to cover medical and future bills.