Forklift Accidents

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports that there are approximately 97,000 forklift related accidents per year, and 85 of those are fatal.

Out of the 85 deaths, approximately 35 were the driver attempting to jump out of a tipping forklift.

The OSHA laid down the basic requirements that all forklifts and other Powered Industrial Trucks must meet.

These requirements can be found at:

In addition to the safety requirements for the actual vehicles, proper training is required and additional training by the vehicle operator is highly recommended. This training can be found at‑

If anyone was injured in a forklift accident either as a pedestrian or as an operator without adequate training, it is very important that a Personal Injury Attorney experienced with this type of matters be contacted as early as possible.


Construction Accidents In New York City | Update


Construction activity in New York City, as almost everywhere else in the nation, has experienced a drastic slowdown during this past year.  The reason is not difficult to fathom: the Recession, and the consequent constriction in financing by banks.

One piece of good news accompanies this fact: building sites reported THREE (3) fatalities in all of 2009.   That represents a downward spiral of 12 deaths in 2007 and 19 fatalities in 2008 !*

New York City Buildings Department – tougher enforcement caused decline in construction accident fatalities.

While the recession certainly had a major role in this situation, the officials in the New York City Buildings Department attribute tougher enforcement of rules as a contributing factor in the decline.It should be noted, however, that tougher enforcement was undoubtedly directly linked to the experience of two recent horrendous construction crane accidents.

In taking solace at the diminished number of fatalities at construction sites, the overall number of injuries at construction sites rose in 2009.  According to officials, this was mainly due to improved reporting of accidents.

It is vital to remember that construction site accidents virtually always involve THIRD PARTIES which may be responsible for recoveries, in addition  to WORKERS COMPENSATION recovery. Any construction  worker, involved in any accident at a construction site, should contact an experienced Personal Injury attorney immediately, so that his rights and interests can be fully protected.  A Worker’s Compensation attorney will also have to be contacted at some point.

*–Associated Press