“COVERAGE” Why can’t I get more for the injury I suffered?

“Coverage” is a term used by personal injury lawyers to refer to the amount of money that is available to pay a client for the injury they sustained.   In almost every instance the “coverage” available is equated with the policy limit of an insured’s liability insurance policy.  This can refer to an automobile insurance policy of the potential defendant, if the matter involves a car accident.  It can refer to a potential defendant’s homeowner’s insurance policy if it involves several other types of accidents, not every one of which must necessarily have happened in the defendant’s home.

The knowledgeable attorney will utilize every resource available to identify sources of “coverage” in a concerted attempt to assure adequate sources of compensation for a seriously injured client.  The availability of  significant “coverage” can be easily overlooked and could be very costly to a client.

Examples abound: if you are in a vehicle, not only is the vehicle owner’s policy available, but if the driver has his own policy, that too will be available.   An “Umbrella Policy” (a separate insurance policy that covers an individual once their basic, underlying policy, is exhausted) should be looked for, as well as the possibility that more than one insured defendant, each with separate insurance, may be responsible  for the client’s injury.

While it is always advantageous to have a wealthy defendant,

with many assets, rather than a poor defendant, with no assets, as the party you are suing, realistically speaking personal injury attorneys are reluctant to pursue assets because of the difficulties involved, not the least of which is the ease with which assets can be transferred by the defendant in a personal injury case even AFTER the case has begun !

Even after all the efforts of the most experienced attorney are exhausted, there are all too often instances where the “coverage” available to compensate a client fairly for their injury is simply not available.   One of the most unpleasant aspects of a personal injury attorney’s job is to inform a seriously injured client of this fact.  It is a conclusion clients do not want to hear–and it is one that your attorney does not relish delivering. Contact one of our Personal Injury Attorneys at Orlow, Orlow, & Orlow today.