Another Construction Worker Dies Operating Heavy Machinery and falling from height

As Reported by the New York Times, A construction worker died after falling 125 feet when a tall construction lift toppled and struck a downtown Philadelphia apartment building, the authorities said. The investigators are looking to see if the construction worker who fell, was properly harnessed and all safety procedures were followed.  According to witnesses the machine operated by the construction work toppled when a city sidewalk grate gave way.

A Notice of Claim has been filed.

Experienced construction accident attorneys should immediately begin to investigate the procedures that we in place, the safety equipment as well as the construction equipment, and immediately question all witnesses.


What is a "Wrongful Death"?

“Wrongful Death” is the term used to describe the death of a person through a negligent act by another person.   It is different from terms you may have heard that are used in criminal law such as murder or manslaughter.   “Wrongful Death” does not involve criminal law–it is a term used in “civil law”–though a person responsible for a wrongful death may also, but not necessarily, be criminally responsible.   A negligent person — a person who causes the death of another through a careless or reckless act, may be responsible to pay money damages to the relatives or family of that deceased individual whether or not that person may also be criminally responsible.

For information particular to New York, please see our wrongful death law page.

Posted by New York Injury Lawyer Steve Orlow