Sexual abuse, or molestation, is defined as the use of “force” to make another person engage in sexual behavior.

What do we mean by “force”? The law will consider “force” to include:

  1. Forcible Compulsion – The threat of, or actual physical force, on the victim or a third party.
  2. Physically Helpless – The victim is physically unable to express a lack of consent due to a physical disability.
  3. Age of Consent – According to New York law, anybody under the age of seventeen is incapable of consenting.
  4. Mentally Disabled or Incapacitated – If the victim is temporarily or permanently unable to comprehend the nature of their conduct.

“Sexual Abuse” can include various acts such as:

  1. Sexual Intercourse
  2. Deviant Sex Acts
  3. Sexual Contact
  4. Forcible Touching
  5. Aggravated Sexual Contact

Sexual Abuse is a very serious matter that is, unfortunately, not uncommon. If you, or anyone you know, has ever been victim to this horrific crime, contact a Personal Injury Lawyer who is experienced in cases in this area of law.

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