According to the MTA, a New York City Construction worker was killed after a fall. The Workers death was initiated when he was struck by a small crane on the back of the truck while working on the Throg’s  Neck bridge, connecting Queens and the Bronx.

The fatal construction accident, occurring August 24, 2009, comes after a series of prior incidents which took place during the ongoing renovation of the Throg’s Neck Bridge.  This includes a fire which shut down the vital transportation hub for almost an entire day in July and demonstrates a pattern of negligence in the planning and supervision of the efforts.

As Construction Accident Attorneys in New York City, we too often see accidents such as these caused by gross negligence.  Most New York Construction Accidents can be prevented by simply obeying the guidelines set in place.  Extreme precaution must be adhered to when working in such precarious locations as the massive Throg’s Neck Bridge.

When safety becomes haphazard, at best there is a traffic jam and at worst a family loses a loved one who is often the sole provider.  These construction accidents are preventable and are the reasons most New York City Personal Injury Attorneys so vehemently seek justice for those wronged by others neglience on a New York construction site.